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We’re a small, family developed business located near DeWitt, in southeast Nebraska, with a long history of producing exceptional swine. Our performance results prove that great genetics can come from an operation such as ours in small town Nebraska. We don’t have to be the biggest to provide you the best. Waldo Genetics has been focused on pig improvement for nearly 130 years. By implementing the latest advances in husbandry, health, genetics, and scientific technology, we’re able to provide our customers with some of the best performing boars and gilts in several breeds.

We take a “balanced approach” to genetic development. While we firmly believe that scientific and information technology have greatly advanced the practice of swine production, we also believe that traditional selection, a keen eye, and good old common sense has helped us produce superior products. A balanced approach means we concentrate on how multiple traits work together to help you improve performance and profitability long-term. After raising hogs for nearly 130 years, we’ve learned that single trait selection and selecting for extremes compromises the traits that are being neglected, resulting in less overall genetic and reproductive value. Our approach also improves meat qualities while emphasizing economically-valuable traits. At Waldo Genetics, incorporating science with the art of good judgment is the basis of our balanced approach - an approach that develops more complete breeding animals for proven performance.

Good selection formulas are necessary to make good matings. And to build good formulas, you need good data. So Waldo Genetics does everything possible to gather and generate good data. We work with the National Swine Registry (NSR) and utilize their Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System (STAGES). The STAGES program can rank each tested pig in comparison to pigs from other STAGES participants anywhere in the world. We also collect and generate data using the Nebraska SPF certified performance measuring techniques. More accurate data increases genetic improvement and profitable breeding stock.

With Waldo Genetics you get the best of both worlds; the traditional thinking you appreciate, and the progressive thinking your business demands.

Genetic improvement can never end.

Group of men standing outside a building with fenced in pigs. Two men in white jumpsuits stand outside the fence, while two other men in gray shirts and jeans stand in the pen with a group of eight pigs
America's Best Genetics emblem logo with the words 'The source for pure genetic progress' across the top in blue, and 'Four Breeds. One Focus. Your Success.' in light blue to the right
Group of five pigs standing in show pen with young man in red hooded sweatshirt in pen with them, and group of mutliple people standing outside pen observing and others sitting in bleachers in the background

Waldo Genetics History in Progress

1895  |  Started our registered Duroc herd
1903  |  Began exhibiting Durocs at the Nebraska State Fair, a practice that continued for 100 years.
1949  |  Began collecting weaning and growth data to identify high quality individuals
1956  |  First herd to probe backfat as a measure of lean growth
1960  |  Helped organize the Nebraska SPF Health and Whole Herd Performance Testing Association
1960s  |  Actively exported breeding stock to Mexico and Canada
1971  |  Exported first US pigs to Korea
1974  |  York and Landrace were added to the herd.
1979  |  Start of over 3 decades as US Top Duroc Recording Producer
1983  |  Waldo’s and Nebraska SPF export the first charter load of breeding stock to China
1980s-1990s  |  Exhibited both Champion and Reserve Champion Duroc boars at National Duroc Congress; Champion Boar at National Southwest Show; dominated Hormel’s National Barrow Show in barrow, truckload, and carcass cutouts competitions; Ninety six Waldo boars were named Super Sires, based on performance and carcass cut outs of their progeny test groups.

1997  |  White Durocs were developed and added to our breeding herd.

2000-PRESENT  |  Waldo Genetics have been leading performance rankings within the National Swine Records STAGES testing program.

2021  |  Waldo Genetics is acquired by Waldo Agricultural, Inc., Hardy Shao, CEO.
Old black and white photo of seventeen pigs in pen with men standing on the outside of the pen
Older gentleman in red jacket, red hat, and jeans standing in front of mutliple pigs feeding from red trough
Two old Waldo Farms signs handing on a wooden wall
Old black and white photo of pig hanging upside down by feet being weighed on old scale with one man kneeling down on the left and another man standing on the right
Old sepia tone photo of Cliff with large boa
Old color photo of three gentlemen staning around weigh in equipment for pigs
Old photo of two older white men standing behind large brown Duroc in front of Waldo Farm brick sign with red pig-shaped sign on top that says 'SPF Durocs'

Our Product

Waldo Genetics maintains 3 registered breeds - 1 terminal and 2 maternal. Duroc is our terminal line, while Landrace and York are our maternal lines. Boars and gilts are available for sale in each line. Waldo Genetics boars, gilts, and AI products are competitively priced and you can be assured our products are individually selected to suit your program needs.


When it comes to performance and profitability, the Waldo Duroc has a rock-solid record of field-proven results. With over 130 years of continuous improvement and genetic advancements behind it, the Waldo Duroc has what it takes to drive the future of your business. Waldo Durocs offer lean gain, efficiency, meat quality, and durability. Waldo Durocs have been selected for fast growth and ruggedness. This means more pigs born make it to market at full value and in less time than other breeds. Waldo’s Terminal Sire Index (TSI) is consistently the nation’s highest. Waldo Duroc Young Sires have ranked #1 TSI Index for nearly 30 years.

Waldo Agricultural currently has 40 of the top 50 Unproven Sires for TSI in the US

Currently used herd sires include –

Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD Broadway 19-2
Record breaking, highest TSI in US history – 174.7
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD Top Gun 106-5 – TSI 164
Currently #1 STAGES Unproven Sire for TSI in the US
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD Herb 29-4
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD Hilley 22-1
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD2 Husker 41-1
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD2 Future 127-1
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD1 Bronson 131-2
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD2 Hercules 165-2
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD2 Bull 167-2
Waldo Genetics Duroc
WFD2 Brick 21-5


Waldo Landrace are prolific and durable animals that farrow large, lean progeny for better growth rates and survivability. Waldo Landrace boars create the best F1 females for longevity, mothering ability, wean and growth performance.

Waldo boars currently have the top 10 places on the STAGES Unproven Landrace Sires Report for SPI - all above 124 index. Waldo boars also occupy 8 of the top 10 places on the STAGES Unproven Landrace Sires Report for MLI- all above 120 index.

Current Landrace Herd Sires include sons of the following:

WFD Isaac 36-3
WFD2 Pick 107-3
WFD2 Pick 107-3
WFD Isaac 36-3
WFD Isaac 36-3
WFD2 Leboto 171-1
WFD2 Leboto 171-1
WFD2 Pikkus 208-1
WFD2 Pikkus 208-1
WFD2 LeBron 62-3
WFD2 LeBron 62-3


Waldo Yorkshire genetics deliver natural mothering instincts with excellent longevity, producing progeny with high-quality carcass attributes. Waldo Yorkshire boars excel at producing F1 females with improved litter size, birth weights, lean growth, and durability.

Waldo Genetics currently have the top 4 Unproven York Sires in STAGES for SPI, as well as 17 of the top 20 sires. For MLI, we have 8 of the top 10 Unproven York Sires in STAGES. Current Herd Sires include sons of (use the 4 boars already pictured, but change their names to the following:

WFD1 Ultimate 40-1
WFD1 Ultimate 40-1
WFD1 Uray 40-7
WFD1 Uray 40-7
WFD2 FIELD 142-1
WFD2 FIELD 142-1

Waldo Genetics A.I.

Artificial insemination (AI) is the most direct route to both pig improvement and profitability. Because not only is AI the most cost-effective way to utilize the best genetics from the Waldo Genetics closed-herd system, AI is also the best way to improve male reproductive efficiency and get more from your genetics investment. Waldo Genetics is pleased to announce the purchase of the former Iowa Genetic Technology Center and have established the Waldo Boar Center at its location in Huxley, IA. The Waldo Boar Center is the exclusive source of all Waldo boars currently at stud. Terminal (Duroc) sires are priced at $30/unit, while maternal sires (York and Landrace) are priced at $25/unit. Pooled semen is also available for commercial producers if interested. All orders will also include shipping costs. If you would like a listing of all boars available, along with current performance indexes, or would like to place an order, please call or email our office.

Semen from Waldo boars can be found at two locations:

Waldo Boar Center
53896 Highway 210
Huxley, IA 50124
Swine Genetics International (SGI)
30805 595th Avenue
Cambridge, IA 50046
Two men administering artificial insemination process
Group of Iowa stud boars
Side view 2518 Steamer Landrace boar standing outside eating feed from pan
Group of York piglets feeding off their mothers
Two adult men herding a group of pigs in outside pen with white fencing
Group of piglets feeding off their mother
Waldo Genetics York Pure Gilts in pen
Group of York piglets
Group of White Duroc piglets separated into six pens with white fencing
Group of pigs separated into multiple pens with iron fencing
Group of Durocs standing inside pen with white walls

Our Service

Our Service Commitment:
  • We listen and we want to know you, your operation, and your goals.
  • We answer and strive to make Waldo Genetics information and staff available and accessible.
  • We provide expert consultation and timely delivery.

If you’re a purebred or commercial pork producer who’s considering Waldo Genetics, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have any questions or need more information about our product? Feel free to contact any of our staff to help answer your questions.

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Yes, you can talk directly to the owners and staff of our company!

Hardy Shao
CEO & President of Waldo Agricultural, Inc.
Max Waldo
Waldo Genetics Founder
Derrick Damrow
Director of Operations
Sheri Wieden
Office Manager


Waldo Agricultural, Inc.
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